Glastonbury: Britains spiritual core?


Glastonbury: Britain’s spiritual core?

Glastonbury in Somerset England, is considered to be the spiritual core of certaintly has lots of legends and tales of religion and spiritual essences connected to it…I tend to think that Somerset as a whole is very powerful spirituality  to Britain..but glastonbury is a very calming and powerful place to behold and embrace.

It is considered by many that Glastonbury or the surrounding area (Somerset)is the likely destination of Avalon..the final resting place of King Arthur and guineve…there is supposed to be a hidden cave in a an area known as South Cadbury..around 10-12 miles from Glastonbury itself. It’s widely suggested that Arthur himself visited a place known as “Annwn ” a Celtic otherworldly  whose entrance is near the Glastonbury claim the magical cauldron of rebirth and magical sword.

Around 2,000 years ago Glastonbury was an island, it was great Pagan sanctuary( a bit like the Secret Camelot that exist to protect people from outside interference). Its original name was “Ymistwitrin”(Welsh for isle of Glass)..the whole region of Somerset was known as “Summer Country”..which some say is the area where gateways to the otherworldly realm of Summerland” can be found.

Some Historians have made connections to Jesus and his family with Glastonbury. Ann the mother of Mary and her Brother Joseph (Arimathea) were reportedly living in and around the area, and had family connections in Nazereth…Joseph was Roman minister for Mines and did travel to the mining areas of Cornwall and Somerset on business..and both he and his nephew (Jesus) have been reported to have been seen in both these areas..the only reported sightings of Christ in Britain…and when in his teens Uncle and Nephew built a religious building in Glastonbury.

The Holy Grail was supposedly buried near the entrance to the otherworld by Joseph after Jesus,s death..known as the “Blood spring”..”Chalice Well”..which runs an iron red color water and is still accessible today, having a steady output of around 25,000 gallons per day.

The Glastonbury Zodiac was discovered in 1927 by Katherine is reported to be at least 2,500 years old and is 10 miles wide and 30 miles in diameter.

So much in such a small area..It does make you feel awestruck and very humble though.


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