The Evil eye

Good Morning.

The Evil eye.

With perception and awareness you can read people and there intentions pretty quickly. Most information comes from eye contact, simply by looking into somebody eyes you can see if they are predominately cold and evil or not..cruel, cold, calculating beings cannot, no matter how hard they try to conceal is what I (pardon the pun) call the “Evil Eye”..with a little practice we can all see this.

Take these images:



They are of course Tony Blair, George Bush Jnr, Barack Obama, and Bassar Al Assad.

If you look carefully, they all have the same eye pattern..fairly small pupils that are more to the top of the eye..and within that a black hazy dot..that shows the world of the ghouls..and also no matter how hard they attempt to smile..there is a coldness and hatred lying just beneath the surface..this is a pattern that is familiar in most of the worlds ruling elite..they are cold calculating people who have intrinsic evil ghoul infestastion..they care very little about humanity, and despise Gaia and her creations.

They will all be taken down for evil is being destroyed and as the ghoulish hordes are taken out, their protection will disappear and they will be exposed, and have no place to hide..the evil and corrupt souls of mankind cannot escape the loving warmth and light of god, Jesus, Gaia, and its torch bearers that have descended into the hell worlds and false celeste worlds..the ray of purple, white, and gold either heals or destroys ..Judgement day has arrived..the cleaner your soul and etheric energy the better..the more imbued with love, compassion,humility and generosity it is the further down the list of retribution you place yourself..the time for the first 100,000,000 or so is upon us…look yourself in the eye and move towards the warmth and love of humanity, Gaia, Jesus and god.

“All buses and ships to safety have a Captain..and when aboard you look at them sincerely and say “Eye Eye” Captain.”

Love and fun

Take care

Kindest Regards



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