Tracing the fractal codes.


Tracing the fractal codes.

The fractal codes are codes that make up our spiritual identity. they are the energy patterns that contain our spiritual essence and being. Here are some examples of spiritual fractal codes.


When in trance meditation I can see these codes. When I am sitting in a relaxed position when in nature, my arms and hands and fingers begin to trace the outlines of some of the codes that surround me, although they are in the etheric and not visible to the normal eyesight, I feel the energy patterns and its symmetricy..and try to mentally  note the designs and shapes of such patterns..these fractuals contain the spiritual energy and essence of surrounding area I am in..I sometimes feel a gap where it should not be and that tells me there is something wrong with that particular fractual…a tree or bush might be deseased..thus ghoul infected…by calling upon the healing colours of purple, white and gold I sometimes try to rectify this dis-order, thus strengthening the spiritual essence of my surroundings…it is nice to give a bit back to the natural nature that sustains and surrounds us.

Nearly all spiritual healing is to do with repairing these codes..the stronger and more balanced they are, the less chance you have  ofbeing sick, and ghoul influenced..of course our thoughts and actions define what damage  is done to them..greed, anger, violence, corruption, and dark sexual acts..tear at them breaking the symmetrical and thus allowing the ghouls easier access..healing the fractals is the only true deals with causes of illness, whereas modern-day medicine, and operations although given and carried out with great courage and committment by caring people..only deals with the symptoms..disease and illness manifests firstly in the inner dimensions, if we  can understand this area more and tackle that then the curing of almost anything is possible.

I bless you all and send you healing love

Kindest regards



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