The Tri-colours of healing.


The Tri-colors of healing.

Whilst in trance state I see the wonderful healing colors of Jesus, god, and the beings of light. they are the tri colors of healing, Purple, Gold, and White..Father, son and Holy Female…Purple is the healing color of Jesus…gold is the healing color of God, and White is the healing color of the holy female…they constantly work together often in swirling interlinked vortexs..bringing about a powerful healing energy influx to the world and its inhabitants..the purple light of  Christ was given to Saint Germain to honor love and protect..a few sages and healers alive today have the purple hands of healing, which when used can heal most dis-ease. When the three colors work togeather..we are blessed with love,healing and unity, they wash over you and in side you..cleansing and repairing our damaged fractals..sometimes the light is so intense I am blinded by it and  am awe-struck at its indescribable beauty.

These colors protect us from the darkness and evil of the ghouls from the inner evil realms. The Purple light fries almost instantly the demonic forces around us. The bred forces from these dimensions cannot come even close to the golden light of god, and the white light carries forth the warriors and healers of lights army into the horror dimensions taking them out…these light beings also come to our aid when called upon.  mankind’s soul is put on this planet so it can  evolve and go beyond the restricted control of darkness and evil that so wants to dominate our very fibre..Unconditional love, respect and honour for all humans is the answer..banish hatred, anger, jealously and judgement of all others..instead embrace the tri-colors of light, understand the animals and all the beings of light that are near and around us..protect yourself from constant attacks of  the ghouls and be humble…the tri-colors are the holy essence of everything.

“I do not have a national is the tri-color of purple,gold and white”

Lots of love

Take care

Kindest Regards



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