How things work

How things work



Hi I have put together a somewhat simplified overview of how I believe things work. I do not wish to mislead or offend anybody, but sometimes in order to try to explain certain things this becomes very difficult. So in respect and honour of you all only read this if you are opened minded and have a basic understanding of what I have written in all my previous post. Please remember I believe in fun. compassion,honour,and respect for mankind…knowledge beyond our normal thinking however, can easily be you step into the dark abyss, and confront your own monsters. Thank you.

Point one: A major part of the reason most of us do not understand god is because nearly all the information we have been taught about him/her has come from the controlled and limited information that the church and other relious organisations have provided. The church is a mostly male egotiscally controlled institution that works with the established elite controlling our system. Very few people will get any real understanding of spirituality and god via this route. That said however many people have got and still do get some sort of serenity and peace from this, so in respect and honour to them, even if it is a low-level of understanding I bless them and wish them well,and indeed anyone else who wishes to choose this route of understanding.

Point two: Mankind is a relatively low-level spiritually evolved species when put into perspective of all creation. It is primary our ego that inflates us into thinking that we are much more intelligent and evolved then we really are. The Animals are a far more evolved spiritual species then mankind. This concept coupled with the realisation of the concept in point 1 are essential if you wish to expand your true awareness.

Point 3:. God creates all his creations so that they can experience TOTAL FREEDOM…thereby everything, has the ability to choose what they do,when they like,and how they like…we are all free to choose our actions and deeds..god therefore cannot interfere in or prevent us from doing things that WE!! consider bad or evil. If he did he would be going against the very principles of freedom.

Point 4:..god created Gaia..Gaia is our planet earths mother..she was created like all of gods creations totally free..and was given the right to govern this planet her planet in any manner she see,s fit. her children are all the animals, tree,s plants,rivers,lakes etc. She has a compassion for her children that is second to none. she has very little affiliation with mankind, and has allowed us to do as we choose for thousands of years. During this time man has gradually destroyed Gaia,s planet, Millions of animals and birds have been needlessly slaughtered and badly treated. Untold millions of trees have been cut down in our pursuit for expansion and profit. The seas and rivers have been soiled and polluted and over fished, this has saddened Gaia and overtime she has tried to get us to mend our ways. Most of mankind (not all) have ignored her efforts. Gaia has tried to do this by creating Earthquakes,Tsunami,s Volcanic eruptions, Hurricanes etc..People have been killed and injured in these acts. But it is only a small percentage of the whole of mankind. Gaia’s love and compassion and wanting us to change has kept these disasters to a minimum. We have not learnt our lesson and now Gaia like any caring mother is set to take drastic actions, to help cleanse her children’s home and protect them. Have you noticed how over the last few years there have been many more so-called ”Natural disasters”..where many have been killed..Hati springs to mind..this one act killed over 250,000. This may seem to the ordinary person as tragic and awful..and from compassion it is..but Hati was one of the biggest power bases on earth for black magic and witchcraft, where children and animals were sacrificed by shamans and witchdoctors..evil horrendous remember many many of this type of person was taken out as well in this act..(not all Haitians are evil)..most of the caring loving people of Hati probably survived…the key is expand your energy and thinking universally and beyond..then you can begin to see how it works and evil is gradually dealt with. In ending this point I must say..this planet is Gaia,s planet and nobody else,s and she will soon along with other forces of the light cleanse it.

Point 5:..During mankind’s time on this planet we have allowed ourselves to slide more and more into darkness and evil. We have let the more primeval side of ourselves our darkness to run amok..our choices have aided in this..and over the centuries gradually at first there has been a build up of a dark crust that until recently grew so thick that it became very difficult for lights energy to penetrate thus all but cutting us from the light of god and his/hers forces of good. The planets pain and fear attracts the darks forces and over time they have been drawn into our etheric bubble feeding off of our dark deeds,weakness,s and fear. There aim is to keep us in the dark and stop us from reaching and feeling the love of god and his creatures again. This rancid horrible darkness and its ghouls thrives on people who are egotistic, greedy,power-driven controlling, and finds it easy to control them,this is what has happened to most of the so-called ruling elite in the world..they are controlled by the dark..some knowingly, some not..the ones that are knowingly doing this are evil, they wish to control us and enslave us..those who are regarded as superstars, ie actors.pop stars,sportsmen/woman are or have built up for themselves a false way of life, a life that is ego driven, and continually wanting, these people may bleat and whine about helping the poor etc..but this is mostly part of the systems requirements to fool us into thinking that something is being done in an effort to keep this unreal reality that we live sustained for a bit longer. The forces of light are fighting back, since around the year 2k cracks have begun to appear in the dark crust around our planet.Gods light has been able to shine through again and the “christ consciousness” and mary mothers energies have been returning..the powerful spiritual animals have joined the armies with a band of brave human spiritual warriors they have been able to clear out the ghouls in their this light gets brighter more and more of us will see things as they really are and mankind will move forward into a new fresher, more loving, more compassionate way of life. In order to survive the coming turmoil as this system of ours collapses,not the planet..Gaia will protect do need to cleanse yourself and move towards the light..compassion for Gaia and her children is essential..the animals, tree,s and birds etc need to be shown love,honour and respect..move away from dodgy dealings,drugs,greed,power,sexual degradation. Bring compassion,love,honour,truth,and respect into your life.Relinquish control,violence,corruption,and the need for more..simplfy you life..need little..want nothing..pray,meditate,take in nature,have fun,be childlike…all these things will bring you through and help you see more as gods information becomes increasingly available for all to see.

“wow and I though war and peace went on…actualy im on page 998 at the moment.”

Love you all Honour and respect

t Kindest Regards



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