The Exotic and sensual garden of light.



The Exotic and Sensual Garden of Light.

Just a few feet away in the spirit realms lies a garden of light. The flowers shimmer and glow, their colours intermingle and dance erotically, sensual ,sending a warm sensation through your body. Pure essence of colours are visible, vibrant  lavender that looks like floating leaves, shinning brilliant golden-yellow threads, soft soothing light green pearls,rings of purples  and circles of orange like smoke.

Multicoloured birds of a heavenly nature ,flutter their wings here,circling majestically around and around. A squirrel chases its own white tail, A husky dog plays with a golden ball, the plants move of their own accolade in tune to a mesmerizing song, a song of love, laughter,and fun,rhythmic and soothing. There are owls,eagles, and white tigers, all mingling together in harmony and respect. An incredible feeling of unconditional love and honour.

Several gaily coloured trees are fluttering gently in the soft breeze, a delightful array of sweet and perfumed smells tickle  your senses and torment your sense of smell, clouds of silver and red perform delightful acrobatic routines and strange mushrooms,grapes and cabbage grow.

A place of great activity and yet nothing seems to happen, a place of laughter and song yet silence reigns, abundant colours abound yet only a heavenly light shines..a place of astounding beauty,yet beyond description…a place only a few feet away and yet unvisited by most.

I do a little gardening…but i don’t have green fingers…I thought only aliens had them.

Love you all.

Kindest Regards



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