Pain, Silence and Humility

Good afternoon.

Pain, silence and humility.

The strange thing about the etheric journey and our growth towards light, spirit and god, is that is never painless. In fact the nearer you move towards the christ consciousness and perception the more pain it seems you have to endour..the darkness and evil forces seem to come at you more, as they sense that you are escaping the Matrix and the net of control…if you make it, it is another food source gone, so the ghouls and demons throw everything against you to prevent you from doing this..this is a real eye opener.

The key to gaining ground fast is to accept the pain in silence, and remain humble in your everyday presence, never complain too much about the pain you are going through…billions of the people in the world are experiencing some form of pain or another..and complaining about it, the compassion and beauty of christ, god and angels comes through those who never or hardly ever complain about their own personal seems suffering in silence and remaining humble are a grace of growth that one needs to evolve more effectivly..the whole planet is in pain right now, moaning about it, only feeds it more.

Nearly all mystics and holy people throughout history have had to endure great pain and go through some sort of suffering in order to cleanse themselves sufficiently to reach a higher, cleaner, clearer understanding of things  it it was in mystics circles is known as the “Dark night of the Soul”..none complained, they may have written in their  works about it, but they all suffered their pain in silence, and with great humility.there are of course many things you can do to build up your defences against ghoul infested pain, which i written about in many of my articles..keep doing those and add silence and humility to the list..I would be lying if i said mans spiritual growth is most certainly is not…but once you move beyond the main borders of this ghoul infested planet, you will know all the pain and sadness and sometimes misery is worth it..the beauty, calmness and wonderful things you learn and see are way beyond words and talk..become virtous, compassionate, humble and silent.

“I am listening to the “sounds of silence” by Simon and Garfunkel right now”

Take Care

Love and fun

Kindest Regards



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