The War on Darkness and Evil 2000 ad-?


The war on darkness and evil 2000 ad?

There have been many wars between light and dark and light and evil through the history of  the universe and mankind. The latest war to save this planet and mankind from the forces of evils ghouls and darkness began around the time of the millenium, when it will end I am not certain, if pushed into giving a prediction I suspect it will be somewhere between the next 10-25 years, proably a lot sooner, it is certainly not to far away, what i can say is that given time the forces of light will win, and soon, that is why it is so important to prepare yourself for the downfall of the evil fascist empire that will manifest itself throughout the world. As the inner  fascist tendencies of mankind and the planet get driven back in the inner  dimensional  fighting, those of mankind who are committed to the new world order of control and power will sense their  inner power base and protection fading, this will make them nervous, frighted paranoid and in an attempt to keep their power they will attempt to control the ordinary populace even more. As a result More and more draconian  laws and surveillance and control will be legislated by governments worldwide.

As the financial meltdown happens , and the Grand lies that our leaders and bankers and media have told us become ever more exposed , the more frighted these people will is their own inner darkness and evil lying and corruption of their own soul that they fear most of all, and deep down they know they cannot escape the oncoming tidal wave of destruction that is gods inner light, but the fanatical over bloated ego of these fascist dictators, will still try to avoid the inevitable, and the only way they will be able to do this is by allowing the evil tendencies of themselves and the world overflow into this 3D reality, through stringent laws and control..this is why you need to prepare will not be pretty and unless you are constantly moving towards redemption and light, you will find it very difficult to escape a lot of the destruction and chaos. The four horsemen are coming, so are the seven aspects of the trumpets of Solomon..great change is upon, these are exciting times to be alive, turbulent and chaotic maybe..but it is a time for those of us that wish to, to pick up the mantle of light and having made the journey be able to say to your children or grandchildren with humble pride “This is what i did in war on darkness and evil….?”.

PS. It is always difficult to make predictions with regard to the timing of events, and therefore I cannot guarantee exactly when things will happen.

Love you all


Kindest Regards


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