Meeting Yourself.


Meeting Yourself.

One of most strangest things I have encountered after more than twenty years of my etheric journey was the first time I met myself. It is a most awe-inspiring yet, frightening thing. You see the real you for perhaps the first time in the inner realms and it scared me s… It is you as you really are at that moment in discover everything you did not know about yourself all the nice bits, but also all the rawness of your anger, hatred, jealously, and darkest inner secrets, it is this crap that you have to address and incorporate within cannot ignore, as it will fester and corrupt not only yourself but others around will see the ghouls of darkness clutching onto every aspect of dark tendencies you can be seen often as  dark barbwire spikes surrounding the things that you in meeting this self see and feel, the things that revolt you as you watch yourself.

Although this is painful and scary, it is actually very liberating, as you see the areas of your soul and being that need changing..and perhaps for the first time realise that it is you who has change, and not others,..others have to be who they currently are, and can only change themselves, should they choose, help is at hand should anybody really want to do this. A major part of healing humanity comes from allowing others to be, without judgement, or anger, or bitterness..all parts of the darker aspects of ourself, uyourself..very few humans have yet evolved beyond their entire darkness of themselves, and the pain of the world.

I still feel twangs of frustration, anger, and judgement towards others, but when you work on yourself you find yourself better equipped to deal with the darks energy and often can deal with it before it does too much harm. Before that can happen however, you have to really work to cleanse out your initial deep imbedded darkness, once that is pretty much accomplished, your energy then begins to strengthen and become imbued with more loving light, enabling you to repel the constant attacks that are aimed at us. To meet yourself you have to breathe love to others, be humble, generous and respectful, correct yourself when your darkness overcomes you, embrace it and forgive it and yourself, pray to the beings of light for assistance,be compassionate, caring to all life, animals, birds, plants, trees,insects, as well as humans..meditate, and learn to enter trance states,you will make mistakes, instill in yourself an unending love for god and everything you do not understand..knowing all is impossible for humans, be happy with knowing little..for what you need to know will be revealed.

I send you love and respect.

kindest regards



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