The Lost souls.


The lost souls.

In the film “Scrooge” with Albert Finney and Alec Guiness, there is a scene where Jacob Marley takes Scrooge by the hand and they fly into air. here Scrooge see,s lost  souls of hell flying around in hideous pain.

The souls of hundreds of thousands float around in pain lost in  the etheric darkness that sustains them. These are the ghoulish remnants of the dark, humans and others captured by their own evil and dark deeds. They are too corrupt to find a way to  the true celestial heavens..held back by their lack of light energy, they float endlessly in the spirit realm..all dressed up with nowhere to go.

The human ones come from all sorts of races,and all backgrounds..the lure of the dark holds no bounds..their are shaven headed skinheads, arabs,banker types,rabbis,shaman,political leaders,racist,rapist,etc..the list goes on and on. They fade in and out as they move this way and that, there is a strange look in their eyes a kind of forlorn and longing for peace as if they are remembering there deeds and actions in is scary and spooky and definitely a place I do not want my soul to hang out in.

These souls are part of the crust of darkness that helps prevent the light of god getting through to us as easy as it perhaps should. They are left there by the dark to do just that to populate and pollute the routes to the higher heavenly places..this makes the spiritual journey more difficult, and why so many people struggle to get true order to get through this horde your energy has to be crisp, clean and embrace light. the more light you have the more you move towards the celestial realms and the more your perception will grow.

I like light soul…its got rhythm and style.

Take care

Kindest Regards



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