The accuracy of the higher beings information and being humble and obeying.


It has never ceased to amaze me  how accurate the information from the higher beings is, it is pure information and instruction. In august of last year I was instructed to do a blog, and pass on certain information that I had had the honour and fate and humility to have been given. I was told that I was to do this for a year and during that time was to instructed on what I could write and what I could not, some of the information I already knew from my past experiences and other stuff was filtered through to me as I went. The result being I have been able to publish a total 242 post, an average of 5 posts a week, over the past 11-12 months. The allocated timeline of a year has almost arrived, and of late information that  I can publish has been less frequent..I still get visions and information but over that last two months or so, they have either been personal stuff, or information that cannot yet be passed on, there is a method in the way things works, and at this time there is only so much stuff that most of mankind can comprehend, me included, and i would be dishonorable to all concerned if I were to publish such information, those  of you who are ready will find the information for yourselves, it would be wrong of me to deny you this.

I have opened a new site, on which I am re-publishing all my work to reach a new audience ..My worpress site will still remain  open but my workload will be reduced dramatically, and will contain new articles as  and when I can publish, as well as frequent updates, probably about 1 article a week. I have to be humble and obeying to myself, you and the gods light..I thank all my loyal followers and readers, and promise that i will try to keep you informed as and when..may god bless you and I send you much love and respect on your own journey and evolution.

bye for now

Kindest ~Regards

god Bless



One thought on “The accuracy of the higher beings information and being humble and obeying.

  1. Thank you for reminding me that the people I work for are NOT higher beings. They do not know how to handle or give out information, in any way whatsoever.

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