Ireland..the next holy land?


Ireland the next holy Land?

Israel,Jeruselum, and the holy land , have been fought over for years, the conflict over this land is sad, and israel and its leaders, seem to continually think it under threat, and have become very aggresive in the last 20-30 years, and have massed a stock pile of 300 atomic missles..and yet they bang on about Iran, having the possible capability of producing(not even having any) 1..This mindless egotsitc madness will within a matter of a few years destroy the very fabric of Israel. I feel compassion and sadness  for the jewish people that live there, their leaders are ramping up the threats all out of porportion, this will end in their demise, and lead to runiation in the region , and soaring oil prices.

Of course israel want America to do the dirty work by declaring war on Iran, which the Zionist co-hoorts in america are pushing for. Obama to his credit, dose not want to take america into another war, and up till now has resisted, Mit romney the good christian (Mormon) however is for this. How long a war in the region can be delayed is the question?..for war I feel will come..should israel be decimated or be Israel no longer..Ireland will rise up and take the mantle of the worlds next Holy Land. Its wonderful folklore and legends are truely inspiring and built deep with its soil and its religous connotations are well known, the Gaelic tradition is one of warmth, love, and joy..the irish people despite great hardship are still warm, funny and is a good a place as any to embrace spirit.

“top of the morning to yer”

Take care


Kindest Regards



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