The Last Post


Being remembrance Sunday yesterday, I feel it only fitting to firstly send my utmost respect to all those of all nations that have died in wars of humanity..and so the last post shall sound.

Fittingly it seems only right to inform my  readers that this will be last post on this site and that I will be shutting it down at the beginning of next week 19th November. It time for me to move on to other things, and concentrate on preparing myself for the coming chaos that we face,get ready for the new dawn of light that Gaia, god and the forces of light are bringing forth..this reality of ours is ready for collapse, the dredges of dark and evil that have ruled over us for so long is ending..for most of us the coming 2-5 years will be difficult as the reality that we have known for so long crumbles and decays before us..unless you are on the path to redemption you will experience  not only the death of the world ego, but the death of your own inner darkness as it is forced out, to face its destiny. For all the ruling elite, pedophiles gangsters, con merchants, dictators, sexual predators,drug dealers,and all the cold cruel people of humanity it is really too late..thier time has come..for the rest of us, there is always hope, but unless you have heighten perception,awareness, humility,  compassion,and tenderness for everyone and everything, this collapse will affect you in one way or another..I hope my writings and post have helped you at least gain a few insights and gave you some road map and blueprint to work blessed and pure in all that you do, hold faith, pray, and reach for the incoming brilliant ray of pure love and light that is descending upon brave and watch as evil is purged from this wonderful and beautifully simple planet known as earth…..God bless you all and my you all reach the coming new epoch safely.

have fun, be sacred, and preserver , it will be worth it.

I love you all Kindest Regards



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