Welcome back

Good day everybody.

I welcome everybody new and old readers alike back to my blog. It has been  nearly 2 years since my last post article. During this time so much has happened, the world has moved rapidly into a new intense cycle of events and the inner world knowledge has reflected these changes we all face. The World karma, that each and every one of us faces is both exciting and scary. World karma is so difficult for individuals to firstly understand and secondly protect yourself against. I will be trying in my next few articles to explain world karma in more detail, by understanding its implications you only then begin to protect yourself against the worst of its negative effects. Remember however, like all karma their are positives as well, and part of this understanding  will also help and allow you to embrace those, thus helping to enrich your understanding thereby enhancing your spiritual well being and life. We are all in a unique time right now, and the only real work one needs to do is on oneself, not a lot else matters really, only you and your affiliation with god and the universal energy will protect and save you, others like myself can offer advice, understanding and techniques that can and will help, but ultimately it is up to you. Invest in yourself, and you invest in the future well being of our planet and spiritual souls.

I love you all

Take care

Bless bless

Love GG


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