A whole new world

Good day my fellow spiritual travelers It has been a while,& i miss this aspect of my life so much. The world as so changed yet again in a short space of time. A really big issue of concern now is the population explosion that we are going through. Earth mother Gaias ,planet, (i learnt years ago not to refer Earth as our planet) is being raped of its resources s we attempt to sustain the rapid increase in humanities birthrate. If i am to be blunt, this cannot continue, something will happen, the numbers of humanity will have to be culled. Dan brown,s book “Inferno” is a very good piece of fiction based on actual figures about this. It has recently been made into major film starring Tom Hanks. Well worth a read or watch or both. There are a few souls alive that advocate the self destruction of a whole raft of mankind as a solution to this. I am not one o those as the taking of any life unless in defense of 1,s own, is a spiritual no,no. In truth the answer lies within Gaia herself, she will cull Billions of humans, be it through famine,drought,flood, earthquakes,or other such disasters. There are of course world organisation who are trying to set up various solutions to this problem, unfortunately the Catholic church (and i do apologize to any practising catholic Christians) still oppose birth control,which is although sad, is only a fraction of the measures needed. The moment of n know return in figures for mankind was the 5 billion mark, we are no nearing the 7 billion figure.A sustainable figure for this planet is more like 3.5 billion. Most of my writings have been about how to survive the trials we face in life on this planet, 7 have indeed kind of led to this moment, which is why i have decided to write again. A massive reduction in our population has to happen, I make no apologizes about this, mathematical, scientific figures show the unprecedented upward trend, verses resources. But i have also seen a lot of stuff in the ehteric aluna spiritual worlds that reinforce this, and mother earth gaia is at her wits end, she will preserve her planet at the cost of human life. so what do i do? you are probably thinking, well it is still about self preservation spiritually, i have always said, the more you purify yourself spiritually, the greater chance you have of survival when this happens. Of course the big question is when will it happen. My estimated guess, as even i am not yet sure as to when, is really massive earth changing events will begin to occur from round 2020, & i expect them to get bigger & worse as each year from then passes, till within the space of around, & again this is only my personal opinion, 3-5 yrs, thus bringing the population of this planet down to around 2.5-3.5 billion. To try & ensure you & any children you may have will avoid this culling,work & invest on yourself tirelessly spiritually, find your inner goddess, redeem yourself, resolve your personal Karma, blow love, give love,forgive, pray to gaia & god,meditate,sort your diet out,modify your ego, become selfless, not selfish,never deliberately harm others, ensure you have at least some cash stashed away, (in readies),get a healthy work,play,rest balance in your life, sharpen your perception, & just maybe you will be on the side of salvation when it dose happen,if you do not do any of these things you will most certain not make it, the crud shall fall. I have written lots of stuff on how to bolster yourself spiritually already, so you could begin new or old readers alike by reading some of my previous work. But i will be adding new works at the rate of about 2-3 a week if interested. May gaia, god,the goddess & spirit bless you On your wonderful journey to spiritual redemption,freedom & happiness…love Gary

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