Degrading sex..Demonic


A bit of a tricky one this, as i have been through this myself. Sex in general is fine. Celibacy is a bonus because it keeps our life force stronger. Sex that degrades is demonic and ghoul infested, and will open you up the darkest forces of depravity. Due to certain sexual and pornographic restrictions , which for once is a good thing, tee hee!!. I can only assume, that my readers are intelligent enough to know the difference between healthy sex and the nastier deeper vial aspects of it. Yet it is astonishing the amount of men & women that thrive on the low level, ghoul infested sexual activity, abusing and degrading one another in the most depraved ways possible, humanity in so many cases has fallen into the cesspit of sexual gratification. It is really a horrible place to be, I know because for 18 months or so I craved this self same gratification, all my sexual demons descended upon me in a malevolent way.

During this time I craved and imagined the most sexual filth, I lost all my purity of thought when it came to sex, The ghouls swamped my defences and opened me up, to the truly hideous sexual scenarios, & whatsmore I actually craved them. It was a terrible time for me. But I am always truthful, & I never actually succumbed to &  did not participate in any sexual act,in fact this new found sexual temptation in me probably, helped me in refraining from it, such was my revulsion, I actually refrained from sex & remained celibate throughout this period, and beyond.

In the end i faced some of the deepest fears in my spiritual journey, and travelled through sexual hell and into a sexual purity , hope I am now cleansed of this filth, in knowing how easily we can be lead down this path, i feel it my duty to publish this article in the hope of helping others understand sexual behaviour, Tantric (hindu spiritual sex) if genuine is ok, & normal consenting sex with two adults is again ok, but celibacy really is the only true way of healing our deepest sexual desires,if u need sex that much then please ensure it is done in a loving way with your partner, do not allow yourself to be opened up to massive ghoul infestation, it will be so hard to come back from.

As a man I find women exceptionally beautiful, & lots of them incredibly sexy, but having healed myself on a sexual level, my attraction to them is pure & on a much more spiritually aware level…I sincerely hope i have finally buried my sexual darkness..

Thank you

Fun Fun

Regards GG





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